20th December 2019


It has been almost a decade since ADPCosmetics was founded. Over the years we have witnessed many stories, but those that have most made us what we are today are, without a doubt, stories like that of Ismael Santamaría, our Head of Production.


Back then, Ismael worked in the CSIC as a Laboratory Technician. He had been helping to develop the technology on which we currently base our business for almost 14 years. A few years later, in 2014, we invited him to join us.



"I wasn’t sure and felt the confusion that comes with such a big change, as I had been working in my old job for more than ten years and there was a lot of uncertainty about growing a company from scratch, but I was very tempted by the new challenge and the opportunity to continue developing an idea that came up in the laboratory to something useful in the real market."



Ismael was one of the pillars of ADPCosmetics and his duties included customer service, production, product specification, quality, risk prevention, etc. A true all-rounder. We grew little by little and this guided him through his career.


As the Head of Production he currently has two people working under him and provides solutions and collaborates with the Company's Board of Directors. With his experience he contributes to every department.


His greatest challenge?



"The most important task I have performed in the company is, in my option, upscaling production from 10 grams in the laboratory to several tons a year in the factory."



On 27th November we wanted to thank Ismael for his role within the company over the 5 years we have shared. To commemorate the moment, we presented him with a Certificate of acknowledgement and a pair of custom sunglasses, alluding to our main product, physical sun filters. The event was held in our industrial unit, which is growing and improving at the same pace as ADPCosmetics.


Ismael is also looking towards the future; a very promising future in which he imagines an even larger and more powerful company that can continue with its R&D and innovation. By working constantly, he wants to make ADPCosmetics a benchmark in the cosmetics industry, and who knows, perhaps break into new industries.





This company is capitalized by Innvierte, an investment program of CDTI, E.P.E.

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