20th May 2019


In New York a unique phenomenon takes place twice a year (at sunset during the summer solstice and sunrise during the winter solstice), known as Manhattanhenge. This refers to the moment when the sun is perfectly aligned with the east-west streets of Manhattan, giving rise to a spectacular light effect. The fact that a city the size of New York, with its hectic pace of life, is capable of stopping to look at this phenomenon was surely a good omen that our presence at Suppliers' Day could be a great success. And we believe this was the case.


It was the first time we had crossed the ocean to approach the United States market to promote our brand. We achieved our goal and participated in over 20 meetings, as well as making contact with two major multinational companies that have shown interest in collaborating regarding new developments.


Growing demand for natural products, avoiding the use of nanoparticles, and the demand for options that offer great features are the three points that make our filters and pigments very interesting for this market.


"It is a market open to new products and to integrating innovations. I feel that they need new sun filters, as the regulations limit the number of opportunities compared to other markets like the European market." Alesio Sánchez, CEO of ADPCosmetics.


Gaining a foothold would certainly represent a significant milestone for the company, as it ranks first in our segment. This would mean that our product had broken into all the major markets, a considerable leap forward in our growth strategy to consolidate our global position.


Beyond New York


Being open to Suppliers' Day NY means opening the doors to the world, as it is important not only for the East coast but for the entire country and internationally too: Canada, Mexico, China, etc. Our intention is to consolidate these ties with the backing of our distributors and, perhaps, go a step further to introduce ourselves on the West coast at another event in the not-too-distant future.






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