ADP Cosmetics aligned with the sustainable development goals

The whole world needs change, and sustainability is the key to this change. ADParticles aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals in more than 70% of its targets.   As a company dedicated to the production of mineral filters and booster pigments, which offer protection across the entire solar spectrum, in addition to blue light, ADParticles' product base contributes directly to Goal 3, Good Health and Well-Being.   We also have a sustainable production chain aligned with Goal six thanks to ADParticles' unique patented "Dry Dispersion" process that contributes to the non-contamination of water with chemical residues, directly protecting water-related ecosystems. It is ADP's advanced technology that continues to align with goal number seven, thanks to clean energy production.   Economic growth is a cross-cutting objective in everything ADP does, which is why objective eight is [...]