New Launches and the Renewed Brand Image of ADP Cosmetics at in-cosmetics Global 2024

At ADP Cosmetics, we take the opportunity to share the news and success we experienced at in-cosmetics Global 2024. This world-renowned event in the cosmetics industry, which took place in Paris on April 16, 2024, was a formidable platform for ADP Cosmetics to showcase our latest innovations and connect with professionals from around the world.   New Launches: During in-cosmetics Global 2024, we had the pleasure of introducing our latest products representing the forefront of technology and development in the fields of sun protection, skincare, and sustainability. Our new range of zinc oxide-based UV filters, enhanceU-Z, offers complete sun protection with unparalleled transparency in formulations. Additionally, we launched enhanceU-Z Light, Medium, and Warm, an advanced tinted sun protection line that combines color with full protection against UV-VIS-IR-A rays. As well as the enhanceU-Z – advanced [...]