The latest generation of mineral ingredients from ADP Cosmetics stands out for providing broad-spectrum protection against UV radiation and Blue Light, all in one single ingredient, which also features color with the versatility to be customized. Additionally, our filters are highly efficient, providing maximum SPF protection with just 15% of our ingredient in the formula.


Our ingredients prevent skin photoaging caused by solar radiation through our exclusive high ratio of UVA/UVB protection (>0.6) and protection across the entire spectrum of solar light (HEV, Visible, and Infrared-A).

They are the perfect complement in the formulation of products for mature skin care, such as well-aging, skincare, and wellness products. They stand out for their mineral origin and advanced structure with optimized size (>100 nm), making them suitable for sensitive, infant, or skin-altered skin.


They prevent photoaging of de skin caused by solar radiation, with our exclusive high UVA/UVB ratio>0.6 and protection in the broad sunlight spectrum (HEV, Visible and Infrared-A). An ideal factor in the formulation of products for mature skin: skincare antiage, wellness… and highlighted by its mineral origin and optimized size <100nm, in formulation of product suitable for mature, sensitive, and infant skin and even skin prone to some type of skin alteration.


Completely environmentally friendly (Eco-friendly) from manufacturing to their eventual reintroduction into the oceans. They are endorsed by COSMOS and ECOCERT certifications and are 100% natural according to ISO 16128.

Versatility and

Dispersion facilitators in both aqueous and oily phases, with broad formulation compatibility depending on the desired effect: whether it be total transparency, higher coverage, healthy skin effect, no-makeup makeup effect, color cosmetics, and many more.

Versatility and

Easily dispersible in both aqueous and oily phases, and with wide formulation compatibility depending on the desired effect: totally transparent, covering, healthy skin, colored formulas…

Regulatory commitment

Our products fully comply with the approval for different international regulations

Registered in the FDA

With a production under USP regulations and quality systems (Americam Pharmacopoeia)