Our skin is a delicate organ that needs to stay balanced in order to perform all of its vital functions. That is why the greatest challenge of the cosmetics sector today is to take care of every little ingredient in the formulation in order to safeguard the wellbeing and protect the skin.

Some of the innovations we present in our enhanceU range for the new season are based precisely on this. Formulations that protect the skin from damage and provide the basic elements to restore its balance.

Natural ingredients have many benefits

Our new formulations are 90-100% natural according to ISO16128, with protection up to SPF50+ and broad spectrum with a UVA/UVB ratio over 0.6. This is empirical proof that natural and the highest quality can go hand in hand.

In addition, to improve the texture and feel, they contain natural alternatives to silicones. They also include natural essences and plant extracts with an anti-inflammatory effect, which reduce redness of the skin.

More fluid formulations, more pleasant textures

Another area we wanted to improve with our innovations is to offer a greater variety of both O/W and W/O emulsions with different textures ranging from fluid lotions to thicker creams. Some even have a pleasant cool feeling.

Yes to hydration, no to pollution

Finally, we have worked to tackle two of the major threats facing the skin today: dehydration and damage from external agents.

To do this, firstly we have improved the hydrating effect of the creams, using emollients that improve the feeling of coolness and hydration by reducing water loss. Secondly, we have added film-forming agents that favour water resistance.

And the icing on the cake is provided by the active ingredients with antioxidant and antipollution effects, protecting the skin from free radicals that cause premature aging.