ADVANCED DISPERSED PARTICLES is committed to the highest quality, sustainability, and health care. This great alliance is possible thanks to the technology used in ADP’s unique and patented manufacturing process, called CoSmart.

Thus, as a result of the effort, passion, and search for excellence in quality that characterizes us, the entire ADParticles team is very proud to share with the industry a great milestone achieved. The Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices (AEMPs) has awarded us the Certificate of GMP compliance of a manufacturer. This certificate confirms compliance with the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice for active substances established in Article 47 of Directive 2001/83/EC.

In this way, ADP ratifies its high quality standards in the manufacture of mineral sunscreens, both within the regulatory environment of manufacturers of cosmetic products, as well as within the environment of manufacturers of active substances for pharmacological use in OTC (over-the-counter) products regulated under the American federal regulations (FDA). This ensures that, within its facilities, the manufacture and control of all products whose composition contains active ingredients are carried out with the appropriate guarantees for their production, distribution, and storage.

This certification also guarantees that the excipients used by ADP are suitable for use in the manufacture of active substances for OTC drugs, carried out in accordance with appropriate manufacturing practices.

In addition, all evaluations for this demanding certification take into account the requirements of other appropriate quality systems, as well as the origin and intended use of the excipients and previous incidents of quality defects.

ADP is committed to health and sustainability, which is why its evolution continues and we celebrate this achievement with the certainty of meeting the highest quality standards.