We started operating as ADParticles in 2011. Back then we knew very little about image and communication but we had no doubt that we had unique technology that was going to revolutionise the world of compound production.

This technology could be applied in different areas: polymers, permanent magnets… and cosmetics. It enabled us to obtain UV filters of the highest quality for use in sunscreens and colour cosmetics. And that is how ADPCosmetics was founded.

Today, just a few years later, our products are distributed worldwide and the filters and pigments family continues to grow. That is why we decided that we needed a new image to match the features our products had to offer: effective, multifunction, safe…

After weeks of hard work, we launched our new image a few months ago. New product logos, brochures, graphic design… a wide range of improvements that have given ADPCosmetics its own personality, thereby gaining strength to continue growing its parent brand independently.