Every year 62,000 new cases of advanced melanoma are diagnosed in Europe. Melanoma represents only 4% of all skin cancers but is responsible for 80% of deaths from this type of cancer. These are some data from the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV)

The intensity of the burn depends “on the time and schedule of exposure, the climate, the latitude, the thickness of the ozone layer, the degree of previous pigmentation and the skin type.

In all cases it is important to know that, although the symptoms disappeared in a few days, the damage to the skin remains. “The skin has memory and each sunburn causes DNA damage in the skin cell affected by the burn. These cells have the power to repair this damage, but if the burns are repeated in the same area, this repairing power would be lost and could end up leading, over the years, into skin cancer.