It is difficult to launch a global sunscreen that complies with all regulations. In Europe it is considered “Cosmetic” in the United States it is classified as “OTC” (over-the-counter), in Australia it is a “Therapeutic Product”, in Korea it is defined as “Functional Cosmetic” and in China it is classified as “Special Cosmetic ”

This is a problem that all cosmetic companies face every day, especially the formulator scientist who has to choose the ingredients of the formula very carefully in order to sell and register their products in other countries. Currently, we are not close to reaching that harmonization of coordination between countries to be able to use a single regulation around the world.

At ADP Cosmetics, we develop UV mineral filters and pigments with sophisticated technology that makes them highly effective and safe to use. enhanceU ingredients based on Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are globally approved as UV filters. Just to point up, they have been validated by American pharmacopeia USP-FDA which is one of the strictest regulations for sunscreen products around the world