This October we have read the latest news about the OTC Reform Law, this bill includes sun protection products and will influence the regulations of products in this category for many years. For its part, FDA publications reveal that seven of the most popular UV filters, such as trolamine salicylate and PABA, penetrate the skin and are detected in the bloodstream of volunteers at unsafe levels, without offering the consumer clear alternatives, that is daunting and discouraging.

Hawaii and Florida have tried to ban Category I UV filters due to environmental concerns and have even required prescriptions for their use.

Therefore, the cosmetic industry faces various problems such as the safety of UV filters, nanoparticles in solar products, the increasingly high SPF values, the new impediments established for the approval of European TEA ingredients, etc.

At ADPCosmetics we develop mineral sun filters with an innovative technology that provides protection in the broad spectrum (UVB, UVA and including protection in blue light).

Our filters have a technology of dry dispersion of particles, we obtain filters with a high efficiency, non-nano (safe) and sustainable, in the manufacture of our cosmetic ingredients we do everything possible to protect the planet for the next generations.

Suitable for any type of formulation and without restrictions.