ADPCosmetics is launching a new product. After months of research and testing, our enhanceU family has a new member, which hits the market offering unique properties: enhanceU-SunT.

· Dispersion in the oil phase
· Broad spectrum protection
· Natural formulas

· 100% safe: non-nano metric
· High UV protection
· Improved feel

The major benefit this filter offers within the range is dispersion in the oil phase. This is facilitated by the stearic acid coating, which is suitable for natural formulas and is an excellent alternative to coatings like dimethicone.

EnhanceU-SunT can tackle the major challenges in formulation: high SPF and broad spectrum protection, photostability, ease of use and of dispersion, etc. and it also offers a transparent effect and high spreadability.

EnhanceU-SunT in colour cosmetics

Nowadays, consumers are seeking multi-solution products. That is why formulating cosmetics that provide colour and protection means that you are in harmony with the real demands of the market. And enhanceU-SunT is designed for this.

By combining it with enhanceU-T colour filters you can achieve a range of tones in cosmetic formulas, which expands the use of both colour cosmetics and sunscreens.