Asia has a huge interest in cosmetics. The perfect skin its population seeks and the strong link that they continue to attach to light skin tones and social status are well-known facts. Asia is also an unstoppable giant that is always looking for the latest in innovation and technology. So there was no doubt that this year we had to repeat our appearance in the lands of the rising sun.

The size of in-cosmetics Asia is impressive, with more than 530 international exhibitors and more than 12,000 manufacturers of personal care products in the Pacific zone. Faced with this universe of opportunities and technology as innovative as that offered by ADPCosmetics, we hope to consolidate the steps we took in our first appearance last year.

We will attend this event with very clear goals, which can be summarised as to assist and support our current distributors (answering customers’ questions, presenting innovations compared to last year, etc.) and to grow our market and brand perception. To do this, we have chosen enhanceU-SunT as the company’s ambassador, as its properties are so innovative that they will undoubtedly be of interest to both old and new contacts, who can visit us from 5-7 November at STAND Y52e.

Asia: playing by different rules

ADPCosmetics has a strong bond with the European market, due to its proximity; with the US market, for the things we have in common when it comes to culture and building business systems and relationships, etc. And being able to consolidate our position in Asia is a huge challenge. Asia is a very dynamic market, in constant evolution, and its billions of inhabitants are not only major consumers of sunscreen products, but are very open to trying new products. We hope that all of these factors represent a bright dawn for our brand.