Nowadays, creating a niche for oneself in the industrial sector is a real achievement. So much so that if they had said in 2011, when the company was founded, that this year we were going to double the number of our employees, we would have thought they were talking about some kind of utopia.

Before anything else, we would like to thank our customers for helping it to happen. The fact that they have been faithful and revealed every day greater confidence in ADPCosmetics, our products and our future innovations has been a key factor in our growth. We have tackled that growth in order to be able to offer them better support and uphold our standards of quality.

If in addition we include our entry into new markets (such as the American, Japanese, Korean and Chinese markets) and the greater inroads we have made into the European market, then without any doubt the company needed to undergo a process of increasing its workforce.

Among the great professionals who make up our team is Blanca Motos, the Technical Manager. Blanca comes from the world of science and is the more visible face of the company’s innovation area. She successfully adapts our products to market requirements, as well as offering additional advantages. Her broad experience in the cosmetics sector is part of the success of ADPCosmetics. Another team member who has been there since the very beginning is Ismael Santamaría, Production Manager, who is the person who makes it possible for customers to always get what they need promptly and properly, as well as carrying out the continual improvements the market demands.

A colleague who has joined us at the company is Borja Sánchez, who took on the role of Quality Manager. His work is essential in order to maintain our standards and offer the excellence that the market (which is constantly changing) and our customers ask of us. Rocío Pérez, Expert Formulator, helps our products to successfully achieve the best results and is able to provide top quality support at both internal and external level. Francisco Carrasco, Financial Controller, is capable, through his skilled work, of offering thorough monitoring of our business and seeking out new and more efficient solutions for the company.

Amparo, Mariví, Daniel, Javier, Vanessa and each and every one of the team are an enthusiastic part of our project and contribute their professionalism on a daily basis, which is reflected in the positive results we are obtaining.