The natural resources available to us are finite; we have to be aware of this in order to be able to exercise responsible use of these resources. This is why we regularly review our energy usage, change from using disposable materials to using reusable options and classify the waste we produce.

At the end of the day, everything is interlinked, and improvements made at one point of this enormous chain are reflected throughout it. One instance of this is that through successfully increasing our productive capacity per time unit, we have achieved lower energy usage per unit produced.

Another example is that by attaining a faster workflow, we have been able to reduce the amount of power involved. In addition, a large part of our work equipment is activated by use of programming and is only active for the shortest time necessary. The combination of automation and improving processes and times has led us to cut expenses by 20% and improve productive capacity by 25%.

Electricity, water, paper…
Small gestures which speak for themselves

As part of the improvements we have made to our facilities, we have also decided to replace a large amount of our lighting with LED lights. In large spaces such as the warehouse and manufacturing area, which require high-strength lighting, this generates huge savings: specifically, we have gone from 400W per light to 80W.

Another fact which needs highlighting is that we avoid using water in our processes and we have no gas emissions, except those that may be associated with generating the power we need.

We prioritise electronic format over printed format and we separate paper, cardboard, plastics, pallets and batteries for recycling, using specialised managers for each of these types of waste. This makes up a perfect mechanism of gestures which means ADPCosmetics can be proud of being a company which is actively committed to the environment.