The sun is a great aid to being more active, healthy and why not, even looking better. One of the major benefits it provides is that it helps maintain optimum levels of vitamin D, which is necessary to reduce the risk of certain types of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and other chronic conditions.

However, sun exposure should be done in an appropriate, careful and regular way, always avoiding sunburn. Solar UV radiation can pass through the skin (the top layer), penetrate the dermis and cause problems like skin cancer, photoageing, erythema and even reduce or suppress the immunological response of the body; immunosuppression.

In addition, these problems are increasing with the depletion of the ozone layer, so it is more vital than ever to raise awareness, in both the cosmetics sector and the general public, of the importance of creating and choosing products that contain truly efficient and environmentally-friendly filters. And this is precisely the commitment we have at ADPCosmetics.

Natural, certified and totally safe

The difference between chemical and physical filters and the importance of broad spectrum protection and of choosing products without nanoparticles is still widely unknown. That is our job and the job of other cosmetics companies – to educate the general public and offer safer and more efficient products.

That is why our full range of non-nano solar filters, enhanceU, are COSMOS and ECOCERT certified 100% natural and organic. They are highly effective, meaning that with a lower percentage the formula achieves a very high SPF and broader spectrum protection, which is ideal for all skin types. The highest quality for the highest protection in these times when the sun should shed light on us without burning us.