We are living in the age of immediacy and are increasingly used to having our requests answered swiftly and efficiently. The concepts of time and distance have nothing to do with the traditional idea of them, and at ADPCosmetics we are working to offer services which meet the expectations of this new paradigm. We have upgraded our facilities in order to successfully adapt to the growing demand we are experiencing, maintaining the standards of quality and speed which have always been our hallmark.

This is how we have done it:

· Firstly, we have remodelled our warehouse to achieve a more open, more usable space with new shelving that enable us to leverage every corner more efficiently. Great reorganisation to locate items faster and load flow which improves project traffic.
· In addition, we have incorporated machinery that enables us to handle loads more flexibly and safely.
· Our productive capacity has increased by almost 70% thanks to the new control measures we are applying to working conditions, the considerable reduction in downtimes, to more effective use made of equipment and to greater efficiency in organisation and workflows.

We want an even more productive future

In order to be able to respond to the growth we hope to experience in the not-too-distant future, we want to incorporate even more improvements, such as outsourcing finished product storage facilities and replacing equipment with new equipment offering better features, which are more automatic and which enable greater control over the process, while saving time.