Users are increasingly aware of the need to protect their skin from UV radiation. As a result of this awareness, they are getting more demanding when choosing which product best suits their needs.

ADPCosmetics knows that the evolution of our company lies in creating products that offer more compatible solutions every day, and that is why we have expanded our range of nano-free mineral UV filters. Two new ingredients are now part of our family: enhanceU-T-tan and enhanceU-T-rich. Using these ingredients it is possible to create intense tones in sunscreen and colour cosmetic formulations (INCI: titanium dioxide, iron oxide, silica).

In addition, all of our enhanceU filters are suitable for natural, ECOCERT and COSMOS cosmetic products. With an efficient design, enhanceU assures high SPF, broad spectrum protection, stability and photostability in formulae. These features are achieved using filters with nano metric particles (>100 nm) that facilitate formulation. And if that wasn’t enough, enhanceU is also compatible with chemical UV filters.

To sum up, you can now choose from five tones or create your own exclusive filter colour to formulate your products. And if you want to create colourless formulae, you can read all of the information about enhanceU-T (INCI: titanium dioxide and silica) or enhanceU-S (INCI: zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, silica).