In-cosmetics GLOBAL opened its doors on 2 April. This also meant that new opportunities, new contacts with customers, collaborators and suppliers, etc. opened up for us. And now that we have had time to digest everything we experienced there, we can confirm that that is what happened.

· We have far exceeded one hundred visits.

· Meetings arranged.

· New acquaintances from the sector; the majority French, but also from many other countries and continents.

· And a resounding success for our sun filters and pigments, and for our innovations, for which we received requests for prototypes and more information.

And if that wasn’t enough, we have also received proposals for new developments, which we will, of course, implement.

In-cosmetics GLOBAL has been a rewarding experience in every possible aspect and ADPCosmetics would like to thank everyone who accompanied us. We are already transforming the energy that this has given us into enthusiasm to achieve the same success at our next exhibition, NY Suppliers Day, on 7-8 May.

We hope to continue to be able to count on you on the other side of the pond.