World Environment Day:
Choosing Consciously to Protect Our Future


World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5, a date proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972, coinciding with the start of the Stockholm Conference. Since then, this day has been dedicated to raising awareness among the global population about the importance of taking care of our ecosystems and promoting respect for the environment.

World Environment Day 2024: “Our lands, our future”

In 2024, World Environment Day focuses on the theme “Our Lands, Our Future“, highlighting land restoration, desertification and drought resilience. This year, Saudi Arabia will be the host country, leading the initiatives and activities that will be carried out to raise awareness of these critical issues.

The Importance of Consciously Choosing Cosmetic Products

The celebration of World Environment Day reminds us of the need to make conscious choices in our purchases, especially in the field of cosmetic and sunscreen products. Every choice we make has an impact on the planet, and here are some ways we can contribute:

  1. Choose Reef-Safe Sunscreens:

Opt for sunscreens that don’t contain reef-damaging ingredients, such as oxybenzone and octinoxate. Our advanced sunscreens, made with 100% mineral ingredients, ensure your skin is protected without harming marine ecosystems.

  1. Includes the Tags:

Read and understand the labels of cosmetic products to make sure they don’t contain ingredients that are harmful to the environment. Look for certifications such as ECOCERT, COSMOS and FDA that ensure sustainable and responsible practices.

  1. Opt for Sustainable Products:

Choose products that use natural ingredients and are environmentally friendly. Avoid those that contain microplastics or that are tested on animals.

  1. Promotes Multifunctionality:

Use multifunctional cosmetic products that minimize the need for multiple products. Not only does this reduce packaging waste, but it also promotes a more sustainable approach to personal care.

  1. Recycle and Reuse Packaging:

Look for brands that offer recycling programs for their packaging or use recyclable and reusable packaging. This helps reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills or the ocean.


ADP Cosmetics’ Sustainable Actions

At ADP Cosmetics, we are committed to offering products that not only take care of your skin, but also our planet. Our 100% mineralbased filters and color pigments are reef-safe and certified by ECOCERT, COSMOS and the FDA. This ensures that our products do not harm marine ecosystems, thus contributing to the conservation of biodiversity.


How You Can Celebrate and Contribute

Celebrate World Environment Day by participating in activities that promote environmental conservation. From choosing sustainable cosmetics to sharing information about the importance of reef-safe products, every little effort counts. Also, share your actions on social media to inspire others to join the movement.


Join the Movement

Millions of people around the world connect through social media to celebrate this date. Participate too and create your own action for the earth figure card. Together, we can make a meaningful difference and protect our future.

Choose consciously and act today for a greener and more sustainable tomorrow!

Join our “Take Care of You, Take Care of Your World” campaign.

Every choice counts, and together we can make a big change. 🌿🌟


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