June 1st, we celebrate World Reef Day, a global call to action for the protection of these vital marine ecosystems. With our reef-safe sunscreens, ADP Cosmetics is committed to playing a crucial role in this effort. Our products ensure that while you protect your skin, you also protect the coral reefs.


Here’s how you can help protect coral reefs:


  1.  Use Reef-Safe Sunscreen

Opt for sunscreens that do not contain harmful chemicals like oxybenzone and octinoxate. Our advanced mineral filters are 100% reef-safe, ensuring that your sun protection does not come at the cost of marine life.

  1.  Be Responsible While Enjoying the Ocean

Learn about and respect local marine regulations. Avoid feeding fish and stepping on coral reefs, and always follow beach guidelines to minimize your impact on these delicate ecosystems.

  1. Support Local Conservation Efforts

Get involved with local organizations dedicated to reef conservation. Simple actions, such as changing your sunscreen, can contribute to broader conservation goals.

  1.  Spread Awareness

Share information about the importance of reef protection and encourage others to make environmentally conscious choices.


At ADP Cosmetics, our “Care for Yourself, Care for Your World” campaign embodies our commitment to sustainable sun care solutions.

Let’s work together to preserve our beautiful reefs for future generations.