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Refurbished facilities: Greater capacity and responsiveness

We are living in the age of immediacy and are increasingly used to having our requests answered swiftly and efficiently. The concepts of time and distance have nothing to do with the traditional idea of them, and at ADPCosmetics we are working to offer services which meet the expectations of this new paradigm. We have upgraded our facilities in order to successfully adapt to the growing demand we are experiencing, maintaining the standards of quality and speed which have always been our hallmark. This is how we have done it: · Firstly, we have remodelled our warehouse to achieve a more open, more usable space with new shelving that enable us to leverage every corner more efficiently. Great reorganisation to locate items faster and load flow which improves project traffic. · In addition, we have incorporated machinery that enables us to handle loads more flexibly and safely. · Our productive capacity has [...]

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Actively committed to the environment

The natural resources available to us are finite; we have to be aware of this in order to be able to exercise responsible use of these resources. This is why we regularly review our energy usage, change from using disposable materials to using reusable options and classify the waste we produce. At the end of the day, everything is interlinked, and improvements made at one point of this enormous chain are reflected throughout it. One instance of this is that through successfully increasing our productive capacity per time unit, we have achieved lower energy usage per unit produced. Another example is that by attaining a faster workflow, we have been able to reduce the amount of power involved. In addition, a large part of our work equipment is activated by use of programming and is only active for the shortest time [...]

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More experts. More service. More people.

Nowadays, creating a niche for oneself in the industrial sector is a real achievement. So much so that if they had said in 2011, when the company was founded, that this year we were going to double the number of our employees, we would have thought they were talking about some kind of utopia. Before anything else, we would like to thank our customers for helping it to happen. The fact that they have been faithful and revealed every day greater confidence in ADPCosmetics, our products and our future innovations has been a key factor in our growth. We have tackled that growth in order to be able to offer them better support and uphold our standards of quality. If in addition we include our entry into new markets (such as the American, Japanese, Korean and Chinese markets) and the greater inroads we have made [...]

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The american giant wants to be nano-free

In New York a unique phenomenon takes place twice a year (at sunset during the summer solstice and sunrise during the winter solstice), known as Manhattanhenge. This refers to the moment when the sun is perfectly aligned with the east-west streets of Manhattan, giving rise to a spectacular light effect. The fact that a city the size of New York, with its hectic pace of life, is capable of stopping to look at this phenomenon was surely a good omen that our presence at Suppliers' Day could be a great success. And we believe this was the case. It was the first time we had crossed the ocean to approach the United States market to promote our brand. We achieved our goal and participated in over 20 meetings, as well as making contact with two major multinational companies that have shown interest in [...]

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Llegamos a la “Tierra de las Oportunidades”

En ADPCosmetics damos un nuevo salto para llevar nuestros productos a Estados Unidos, en concreto, al Supplier's Day de Nueva York. 7-8 Mayo | Jacob K. Javits Convention Center (New York) | Stand 2012 Son varios los motivos que han hecho que decidamos asistir a este evento, que además, celebra su cuadragésimo aniversario. En primer lugar, es una gran oportunidad para abrirnos a un mercado que se declara todavía deficiente en cuanto a la oferta de alternativas para la creación de productos solares. Ante esta situación tanto nuestros filtros solares como pigmentos pueden ser la solución que el mercado americano estaba esperando para poder hacer frente a sus necesidades de producción. Por otro lado, hace poco llevamos a cabo el registro en la FDA, la agencia del gobierno de los Estados Unidos responsable de la regulación de alimentos y medicamentos. Este órgano [...]

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IN-COSMETICS GLOBAL: 3 days of success and new opportunities

In-cosmetics GLOBAL opened its doors on 2 April. This also meant that new opportunities, new contacts with customers, collaborators and suppliers, etc. opened up for us. And now that we have had time to digest everything we experienced there, we can confirm that that is what happened. · We have far exceeded one hundred visits. · Meetings arranged. · New acquaintances from the sector; the majority French, but also from many other countries and continents. · And a resounding success for our sun filters and pigments, and for our innovations, for which we received requests for prototypes and more information. And if that wasn't enough, we have also received proposals for new developments, which we will, of course, implement. In-cosmetics GLOBAL has been a rewarding experience in every possible aspect and ADPCosmetics would like to thank everyone who accompanied us. We are already transforming the energy that [...]

2021-06-23T12:00:38+00:0016 April 2019|

Two new filters to better adapt to every skin tone

Users are increasingly aware of the need to protect their skin from UV radiation. As a result of this awareness, they are getting more demanding when choosing which product best suits their needs. ADPCosmetics knows that the evolution of our company lies in creating products that offer more compatible solutions every day, and that is why we have expanded our range of nano-free mineral UV filters. Two new ingredients are now part of our family: enhanceU-T-tan and enhanceU-T-rich. Using these ingredients it is possible to create intense tones in sunscreen and colour cosmetic formulations (INCI: titanium dioxide, iron oxide, silica). In addition, all of our enhanceU filters are suitable for natural, ECOCERT and COSMOS cosmetic products. With an efficient design, enhanceU assures high SPF, broad spectrum protection, stability and photostability in formulae. These features are achieved using filters with nano metric particles (>100 nm) that facilitate formulation. And if that wasn't enough, [...]

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ADPCosmetics has made protection and freedom go hand in hand. And we don't want this message to stop here; we want it to cross borders. That is why we cannot miss in-cosmetics Global, Paris, on 2-4 April. The benchmark event in the sector and meeting point for everyone dedicated to innovation in ingredients and technology. There we will make the most of the opportunity to launch two new filter tones: enhance-U-T-tan and enhance-U-T-rich. They can both be dispersed in any phase and offer high SPF and UVA-PF protection for colour cosmetics and make-up. So, if you love the sector like we do, you cannot miss in-cosmetics Global or our new products. You can contact us to request an invitation or any other information. See you there. Paris 2-4 April STAND P121

2021-06-23T12:07:52+00:0020 March 2019|

We are launching our new website: intuitive, modern and convenient

Times are changing and so are we. Since ADPCosmetics was founded, the digital panorama has undergone a complete transformation, and today's digital communication needs are a far cry from those at the beginning of the decade. More people are using their phones as their main point of internet access; we want rapid content consumption and connection with what companies have to offer. ADPCosmetics' new website has been built on these three pillars. Seeking to enable users to browse our website conveniently and find what they need as quickly as possible. "We strive to transmit innovation, quality and accuracy in every aspect of our company. That is why we felt that it was the perfect time to transfer this to our website."Alesio Sánchez Fernández, General Manager of ADPCosmetics A new website that transmits the essence of the company, sets out the benefits of our products, [...]

2021-07-30T11:28:51+00:0015 March 2019|

AdpCosmetics deserved a makeover

We started operating as ADParticles in 2011. Back then we knew very little about image and communication but we had no doubt that we had unique technology that was going to revolutionise the world of compound production. This technology could be applied in different areas: polymers, permanent magnets... and cosmetics. It enabled us to obtain UV filters of the highest quality for use in sunscreens and colour cosmetics. And that is how ADPCosmetics was founded. Today, just a few years later, our products are distributed worldwide and the filters and pigments family continues to grow. That is why we decided that we needed a new image to match the features our products had to offer: effective, multifunction, safe... After weeks of hard work, we launched our new image a few months ago. New product logos, brochures, graphic design... a wide range of improvements that have [...]

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